The Entrinsik Site Launch

July 18th 2014, by Natalie Larkin

This week we launched the brand new website for Entrinsik, an established software company based in Raleigh, North Carolina. After spending time researching the market and playing around with different concepts, a concrete design was developed and was ready to...

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First BBQ of the year

May 30th 2014, by Iain McPherson

Yesterday we hosted a BBQ with the lovely folks from Clicksco, and the surrounding tenants of Boho. It was great to be able to socialise outside of work, and a good way to introduce new starters to the Boho community....

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Industry Web Conference

April 25th 2014, by Natalie Larkin

This year we were pleased to attend and sponsor Industry Web Conference 2014. Industry Conference is a daylong conference with practical talk content for web design and development professionals.  Speakers this year represented companies including Foursquare, Etsy and Washington Post....

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A designer’s process: From pencil to pixel

April 14th 2014, by Natalie Larkin

Recently I created a design for the leaflets that will appear in the goody bags at Industry Conference 2014, which takes place in Newcastle at the end of April. The leaflets are to advertise a competition we’ll be holding where...

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PHPNE competition winner – We all love waffles

April 7th 2014, by Big Bite Creative

Congratulation to the winner of our PHPNE conference competition, James Titcumb. We were proud to be sponsors this year and we hope everyone enjoyed the conference as much as we did. Thanks to everyone for entering the competition and we look...

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Qubit Bright Sparks

April 3rd 2014, by Iain McPherson

This week we worked on another project for Qubit, who specialise in website optimization.  This project included a brand, micro site and iconography for their event, Qubit Bright Sparks. This is the second Qubit Bright Sparks event: Fast consumer, faster...

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Better development environments with Vagrant

March 25th 2014, by Mark Goodyear

Having a properly configured development environment is important to any project; Vagrant does just that. Before we start, I’m going to assume you are using a Mac for development, but the principles are the same if you’re using Windows. It’s...

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Eloquent Style Slack API

March 17th 2014, by Connor Parks

Recently we started using the awesome service Slack. Being a developer, the first thing I did was delve into the Slack API to see what stuff I can do with it. Turns out, you can do a lot! Today I...

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Time tracking in a creative web design agency

March 10th 2014, by Iain McPherson

Regardless of organisation size, tracking project time is crucial to productivity analysis, costing, deadline management, and internal resource control. To be profitable it's important to understand how much time individuals are spending on each project. Breaking down the work required...

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