How to stand out as a graduate

November 6th 2014, by Ollie Barker

Attending College or University can be a great way to get into this industry. It can teach you skills, help you meet the people and give you the opportunities you need to kickstart your career. Yet they are many skills,...

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We are nearly there… sneaky peak

September 25th 2014, by Iain McPherson

So we have finally moved into the new office space, but there is still lots do. We still need to take delivery of the pool table and stock the fridges, but here are some recent pictures...          Be...

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Digging into Timber

August 22nd 2014, by Jerome Duncan

Over these past few days I have been working with a plugin for WordPress called Timber. What is Timber? Timber is WordPress plugin that integrates twig with WordPress. It helps make a fully customised WordPress theme fast, with highly maintainable...

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Making progress

August 15th 2014, by Iain McPherson

We are slowly making progress on the new office and planning the warming party. So, what’s happened in the last week? We built a 300kg table Laid a yellow floor Put some paint on the walls Built a wooden wall...

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Qubit interactive infographic

August 5th 2014, by Jon McPartland

We were recently asked by Qubit to develop an infographic that they could embed within web pages. They wanted the infographic to be a map of the world, which would illustrate various sets of data relating to trade with the...

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Building work has started on our new studio

July 28th 2014, by Iain McPherson

It has been a busy weekend as we have started the work on our new studio, taking over the first floor in Boho One, Middlesbrough, The first wall has been taken down and the doorway cut for the meeting room. Keep posted...

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The Entrinsik Site Launch

July 18th 2014, by Natalie Larkin

This week we launched the brand new website for Entrinsik, an established software company based in Raleigh, North Carolina. After spending time researching the market and playing around with different concepts, a concrete design was developed and was ready to...

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First BBQ of the year

May 30th 2014, by Iain McPherson

Yesterday we hosted a BBQ with the lovely folks from Clicksco, and the surrounding tenants of Boho. It was great to be able to socialise outside of work, and a good way to introduce new starters to the Boho community....

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