Ship: a half day logo challenge

July 10th 2015, by Natalie Larkin

Here at Big Bite the team are always thinking up new ideas we can develop to solve problems that we come across first hand in everyday experiences. Our creations have included Herbert, which is a structured and standardised approach to building...

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When to say “No”: The good, the bad, & the ugly

July 2nd 2015, by Iain McPherson

Business people, especially those that run their own businesses, are terrible at saying no. It’s understandable - our instinct is to please, take on new work, and keep our clients happy. If you’re staring at a gap in the schedule,...

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Introducing Ship: Publishing your WordPress Plugin

July 1st 2015, by Jason Agnew

Since releasing Herbert I’ve been asked the same question a lot — “How do I publish my plugin on”. In the past I would sent people the link to the WordPress docs (here), but that’s not the only problem....

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Introducing Suzie: Our WordPress Starter Kit

June 23rd 2015, by Jason Agnew

I’m very excited to announce our next open source project; Suzie. If you haven’t been following our progress over the last few months we’ve been giving back to the community with Herbert — a WordPress plugin framework, and Peggy —...

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Deploying your PHP app onto DigitalOcean with Peggy

June 15th 2015, by Big Bite Creative

We recently launched Peggy and in this post I will walk you though how to use it deploy your PHP apps: focusing on WordPress, Craft CMS and Laravel. Below is a diagram to explain the relationships in Peggy, don’t worry...

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It’s my time to start giving back

June 15th 2015, by Ollie Barker

A couple of weeks ago I had a little downtime at work. Trying to remain proactive pushed me towards creating a design freebie to upload for other designers to do with what they wished, hoping someone would find it useful...

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Introducing Peggy: DevOps without the hassle

June 13th 2015, by Jason Agnew

Here at Big Bite, we’re pretty excited to announce the launch of our first product — Peggy — and it’s free! Peggy was originally an internal tool that helped us manage our DevOps; or, put simply, it helped us build...

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Hands off my Office!

June 12th 2015, by Jason Agnew

Remote working and the death of the office may be the ultimate disruption of old-fashioned, pre-Silicon Valley corporate culture, but I’m still not convinced. Working Differently I’m lucky enough to spend time meeting fascinating people, who run other tech companies,...

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The story of Herbert: Why it required a complete rewrite

June 11th 2015, by Jason Agnew

I’d spent most of the night laying awake wondering if I’d ever get over my feeling of Imposter Syndrome. It was a cold November morning in 2014 and the sense that I wasn’t a ‘real’ developer had plagued me for...

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We’re in danger of ruining apprenticeships

June 10th 2015, by Iain McPherson

It’s time we talked about apprenticeships. Why? Because every day I receive dozens of calls, emails and LinkedIn messages like this one: I trust you are well and keeping busy. Just a quick question, does your company or anyone you...

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