Shaping Creativity: The Process of Design

March 19th 2015, by Ollie Barker

Without a solid foundation to work from, design can quickly become an overwhelming task, resulting in poor time management, unpredictable project lengths, and substandard design. You wouldn’t build a house without a plan, so why should design be any different?...

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Playing by the rules: The Laserfiche site launch

March 12th 2015, by Natalie Larkin

Working with an established brand always brings its own set of challenges but, as our recent work with Laserfiche shows, it can also offer an opportunity to create spectacular results down to the smallest detail. Following a productive meeting last...

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Bean counting: The true value of web hosting

March 3rd 2015, by Jason Agnew

Businesses and individuals understand the importance of great web design and content, yet it’s not uncommon for web hosting to be considered only as an afterthought. But just because your customers and visitors don’t see it, it doesn’t mean that...

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Celebrating success: Another client joins Dropbox

February 2nd 2015, by Iain McPherson

Here at Big Bite we’ve celebrated plenty of our own successes, but one of the best parts of being part of a broader digital community is that we get to celebrate the success of others too. January saw a lot...

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Evolve or die: Changing company culture

January 21st 2015, by Jason Agnew

Success can be scary. Keeping pace with the speed at which a company is changing, whilst also making sure that the quality of your work and the effectiveness of your team continues to improve, can be a challenge in itself....

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Our new home

January 13th 2015, by Iain McPherson

Looking back at 2014 we’re proud to have been part of the continued evolution of Teesside’s digital industry. The Boho Zone of Middlesbrough is where we call home and it has been amazing to watch the area grow and transform...

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Our process: Opening the black box

December 10th 2014, by Mark Goodyear

Professional web development can seem like a black box where the client puts money in one end, out of the other pops a fully formed website, and everything in between remains a mystery. But here at Big Bite Creative, we’re...

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Laravel & AngularJS: On the same page

December 3rd 2014, by Jason Agnew

We’ve always thought that there’s something amazing about the moment that everything just clicks. We felt it recently when we finished redesigning our offices. We felt it the first time we enjoyed a cup from our slow-drip coffee brewer. We...

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